Thank you notes we Receive

Students who sail with Blue Water Foundation often send us thank you notes. For the volunteers, knowing that we touch these students' lives so deeply is a  big part of what keeps us coming back.

Here is the transcription of one of the notes:

Before I came to Camp Sweeney I had one aspect of life, that was in the fast lane. I wanted everything quick, and took things, and never second guessed myself.

Ever since I started sailing with Blue Water, I started to think about what I missed out on in life so far, and what other things I could do instead of running the streets and getting in trouble. Blue Water sailing made me realize  that ther is much more in life to experience and more memories to make. It has also made me want to change my ways so one day I could show the people I love something fun that they will enjoy as well. I also enjoy the chanllenge and sailing experience.

I never would have thought I would be sailing in the past, but now I see it as something I enjoy and could do often.

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