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Documents of Blue Water Foundation available to the public

PDF icon Points of Sail Diagram An instructional material for teaching the points of sail.
PDF icon Sailing Instruction Terminology A document to standardize Blue Water Foundation's teaching of sailing terminology.
PDF icon Rotation of Student Crew Positions This document was originally created to rotate student crew positions on Benjamin Walters for the Gleaming Ocean Program. It can be used for any on-going instruction program on BWF boats.
PDF icon SF Probation Sexual Harassment Policy The sexual harassment policy and acknowledgement form of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Dept.
PDF icon ThreadsofHope17_Diablo.pdf Diablo magazine's annual Threads of Hope awards Dec 7, 2017 recognized Lee Stimmel and the Blue Water Foundation.
Standard Release Forms etc.
PDF icon BWF Guest Release Form Our standard release form for guests on one of our boats.
PDF icon Student / Family Standard Release Form Our standard release form for students, families and legal guardians participating in one of our activities.
PDF icon SF Police Dept. Activity Permission Form Permission and release for for activities sponsored by the San Francisco Police Department.
Crew Manuals & Documents
PDF icon BWF Policy on Sexual Harassment The Blue Water Foundation policy on sexual harassment.
PDF icon Safety and Volunteer Certification This document outlines the certification requirements for Blue Water Foundation Crew, as well as other safety related matters.
PDF icon Aleta Operating Procedures For captains and crew, setup procedures for Aleta.
PDF icon Benjamin Walters Inshore Manual This is a manual prepared for operation of the sailing vessel Benjamin Walters inshore and on protected waters.
PDF icon Benjamin Walters Offshore Manual This manual supplements the basic manual prepared for use of the vessel in protected waters such as San Francisco Bay.
Gleaming Ocean Program Forms
PDF icon Gleaming Ocean Standard Application The student application for the Gleaming Ocean sails.
PDF icon Gleaming Ocean Permission Slip use this form specifically for the Gleaming Ocean Program.
PDF icon Gleaming Ocean Overview An overview of the Gleaming Ocean program, which can be printed out.

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