Our Programs

Our Programs fall on a continuum between lots of young people sailing for a couple of hours and a few youths sailing on a regular schedule, developing skills and confidence.

Ocean’s Gate Program

BLUE WATER FOUNDATION’S newest program involves working with the Alameda County Probation Department and youth currently at Camp Sweeny, a facility in San Leandro in which convicted youth are given the opportunity in a camp like setting to make their way back to society. Our program will engage in both day sails and, eventually, a multi month intensive sail training program which will “graduate” successful students by ocean sailing.

Gleaming Ocean Program

Approximately 10 continuing students per sail averaging 25 sails per school year. High School Students develop advanced skill potentially enabling them to run the boat by themselves culminating in an over-night anchor-out sail on the boat.

Thursday Sails – SFUSD & SFPD

Approximately 560 students per school year attend Thursday Sails. Each student gets a turn at the helm and has a chance to feel what sailing is like.

Tuesday Sails – Claire Lillienthal & Marina Middle School Sailing Club

Approximately 16 continuing students per sail averaging 30 sails per school year. Middle School Students develop advanced skill potentially enabling them to run the boat by themselves.

Weekend Sails

On selected weekends throughout the year, the Foundation works with various youth organizations outside of the School District to arrange sailing excursions. We are committed to offering at-risk and under-served young people an opportunity to sail.


What our Programs offer Students:

If you enjoy the experience of sailing there are opportunities to take it further.

What our Programs offer Volunteers:

BWF programs offer an opportunity to meet your interests in sailing and in volunteering with youth in your community.

What our Programs offer Supporters:

BWF programs are diversified to meet an array of needs and opportunities. We operate on a very low budget, counting on a small fundraising event, in-kind donations, and volunteer labor for the bulk of our costs. All donations are tax-deductable.