Get Involved


How you can get involved with Blue Water Foundation!

Students, Schools & Youth Organizations

If you are a San Francisco Bay Area teacher or an administrator of a school or youth program, contact us to see how we can plan a sail or create a program specifically for your organization. If you're a student, mention Blue Water Foundation to your teacher!


It’s About the Kids

What we are seeking in a volunteer is the desire to interact with young people of all backgrounds. We are an organization that is dedicated to youth, providing them with a setting that most of them have never before encountered — the sea. It is the combination of adventure, nature, and interaction with caring adults that provides this remarkable experience for students. We have received many letters describing this experience from students and volunteers alike.

Who Can Volunteer?

We are interested in experienced sailors of course, but one unique aspect of our organization is that we certify all of our volunteers to sail with us. If the volunteer works at it long enough, both on Blue Water sails and with other vessels, we also invite them to qualify as a captain on one of our vessels.


Blue Water operates a full-scale certification program ranging from “Crew” through “Senior Crew,” “Second Captain” and “First Captain”. Before volunteers can work as part of a crew or captain a vessel they have to demonstrate compliance with our certification process.

We are happy to certify volunteers who show the commitment and enthusiasm necessary to become good sailors and mentors to the students. Blue Water takes pride in the dozens of remarkably qualified volunteers who have “learned the ropes” in our program. Blue Water also pays for a background check and First Aid training for all volunteers who work with our youth sailing programs.

Our certification process is essential to the safety of all participants. We are one of the few organizations that has a regular, live, man overboard drill in which we train by retrieving one of our members who actually dives into the water repeatedly while we practice picking him up.

Foundations & Donors

Blue Water Foundation relies on the generosity of foundations and donors to maintain our program. We're proud to say our program is 100% volunteer, and donations go entirely for our operating costs -- primarily the maintenance of our three boats.

Blue Water Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.