Crew Signup for Specific Sails

Crew signups for specific sails are handled through the web service,

We use as a place for "Certified Volunteers" to sign up so the Captain will know that there are a sufficient number Certified crewmembers for a safe sail.  Non-Certified volunteers can consult it to learn what sails are coming up, but please do not use it to sign up until you are Certified.  You should call the respective Captain to let him/her know you would like to come on a particular sail.

You can first view a schedule of sails on the Blue Water Foundation Google Calendar (you must subscribe through your Google Account).

Update your profile on!
Add your “certification codes” after your First Name,
e.g. Joe (Cert: A & GB, 2C: BW)
= Joe is Certified on Aleta and Golden Bear and is 2nd captain on Benjamin Walters

Don’t know how to, or can’t, edit your profile?
You can register your certification codes via our web form (click here).

Certified crew, volunteer for for a sail by clicking the logo immediately below:

For our most current list of scheduled sails,  please click on the Volunteer Spot button above.

To create a volunteer profile, and to log your volunteer crew level, please visit